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Internationale Resonanz zum Kulturpool

"Europeana supports this National Initiative and we would like to congratulate Kulturpool with it's recent redesign. The interface looks fresh and and the features are presented in a straightforward way which should appeal to a young international audience.“

Harry Verwayen, Business Development Director Europeana

“The European Library is delighted to see one of its partners, the National Library of Austria, participating in the newly redesigned Kulturpool website. As an engaging and high-quality resource for discovering Austria’s heritage, Kulturpool is a welcome addition to the digital cultural sphere. By uniting content from a variety of institutions, and by giving people the opportunity to add tags to objects, Kulturpool is also a model for collaboration in the sector.”

Louise Edwards, General Manager, The European Library

“Kulturpool is an outstanding example of opening up cultural heritage to a wider audience. Particularly, the emphasis given to user participation is an example. I think the smartworks are a very good idea and the functionality is cleverly designed. This is a fine example of User Generated Content. The fact that the site is very specific about IPR is a very sensible feature.“

Chris Vastenhoud, project manager, Royal Museums for Art and History in Brussels